Nuclear Medicine Science & Practice

This course draws on professional expertise from many disciplines. Our lectures will instruct you in clinical practice, radiopharmaceutical, scientific and regulatory issues in nuclear medicine, as well as providing a solid foundation in diagnostic nuclear oncology and radionuclide therapy. The course features practical components, ranging from clinical observations, audit, physics and radio pharmacy experiments and original research Science & Practice course will give you the skills to deliver safe, high-quality nuclear medicine services based on training in a strong scientific and academic framework in an approved structured service environment.

Masters courses from students who have taken a three year Bachelor (Honours) or Bachelor (Special) degree from a recognized university. You will need to have achieved good grades, usually in a subject related to what you would like to study. Exact grade requirements for each course will vary. However, as an approximate guideline our requirements are in the region of:

•  Clinical Practice in Nuclear Medicine
•  Radiopharmaceutical & Regulatory Issues in Nuclear Medicine
•  Scientific Basis of Nuclear Medicine
•  Diagnostic Nuclear Oncology & Radionuclide Therapy
•  Practical Nuclear Medicine
•  Nuclear Medicine Research

GMC approved course for Nuclear Medicine Training in the UK

First Class Bachelor (Honours) degree Average of 70% Average of 8.5/10 Average of 73% Average of 8.7/10 Average of 75% Average of 9/10
High 2:1 Class Bachelor (Honours) degree Average of 65% Average of 8/10 Average of 67% Average of 8.3/10 Average of 70% Average of 8.5/10
2:1 Class Bachelor (Honours) degree  Average of 60% Average of 7.5/10 Average of 63% Average of 7.7/10 Average of 65% Average of 8/10
High 2:2 Class Bachelor (Honours) degree  Average of 55% Average of 7/10 Average of 57% Average of 7.3/10 Average of 60% Average of 7.5/10
Entry Requirement
Medical degree with minimum of two years' post-qualification clinical experience
6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.0 in each skill
Fee- fees: £25,500 per year 2020
Duration -1 Year
Batch Start –September